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"When you lay on my table, I can guarantee relief, relaxation, and therapy with every session."

At Helpful Hands we pride ourselves on being professionals and providing professional services. It is our mission that each of our clients have relaxing and therapeutic experience. We strive to address the needs of clients to the best of our ability ini the time allotted. That's why each massage (IN-SUITE) comes with hot towels for your feet, aromatherapy, and soft spa or jazz music to ease the mind, body, & soul.


Summer Allen, Co-Owner of Helpful Hands Massage Therapy. Helped to build this company after seven long years of post-education schooling, receiving my bachelors in Athletic Training at Georgia College & State University and a Masters in Sports Management at Jacksonville State University (Jacksonville, AL). After this time I went on to finish my education in Massage Therapy where I fell in love with the art of healing the body through touch. Massage is my passion and helping those they may need relaxation, stress-relief, or suffering with injuries and chronic pains are all welcome on my table. I strive to create a place of healing in all aspects of my clients lives. 

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